Friday, 5 February 2010

Portable Massage Couch Offer

Whilst on the lookout for a new portable massage couch, I came across this one: Portable Massage Couch

Looks really good value, down from £269.99 to £189.99 with a free bag is only 34kg. Decent specs too:

Colour: Blue
Material: Heavy duty aluminum, leather style vinyl
Height Adjustment: 7-level height adjustment
Adjustable Back: 7-level adjustment
Item Name: Aluminum Massage / Salon Table
Weight: 15.2kgs (34lbs)
Width: 62cm (24 1/2")
Working Weight: 227kgs (500lbs)
Static Weight: 908kgs (2000lbs)
Material: Heavy duty Aluminum frame with leather style vinyl
Foam Thickness: 51mm (2")
Height Adjustment: Range of 66~81cm
Setup Dimension: 184.5cm (L) x 62cm (W) x 66~81cm (H)
Carry Bag: Included


Best Business Opportunity said...

I've seen so many portable and affordable massage couch. I am really fascinated with massage couch because I've got a direct access to relaxation, anywhere and anytime I want it.

Jan Weber said...

I agree it looks like a nice piece of equipment. Remember when i bought my first couch if was awefull expensive. I might invest in a new couch as my old one dosent look so nice anymore

vanillaice said...

I think nobody can be brief as like your post!I might invest in a new couch as my old one dosent look so nice anymore.

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