Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Muscle a day #2: Omohyoid

Revising the triangles of the neck at the weekend, I realised that I knew very little about omohyoid, an important muscle which defines some of the sub triangles of both the anterior and posterior traingles. So here's some more information:

This muscle is an infrahyoid muscle found in the anterior neck, deep to sternocleidomastoid.

Upper border of scapula and occasionally superior transverse scapular ligament (crossing scapular notch).
Lower border of hyoid bone, lateral to insertion of sternohyoid.

Ansa Cervicalis (C1-C3) (branch of cervical plexus)

Depresses, retracts, and steadies hyoid bone

The omohyoid has 2 bellies connected by a tendon and is one of the infrahyoid muscles. It passes anteriorly and superiorly from the scapula, passing behind sternoclediomastoid where it takes a steep redirection superiorly towards its attachment to the inferior hyoid.

The central tendon is attached to the first rib and clavicle by the deep cervical fascia.


Robyn said...

I wondered if you could comment on the type of dysfunction and pain syndrome associated with the omohyoid muscle? Since it attaches to the scapular - could issues with the omohyoid lead to scapular dyskinesia or other rotator cuff pathology. How about cervical spine issues or even jaw (tmj) dysfunction? Is there specific massage treatment that might address a shortened or scarred omohyoid? Thanks for your input.

Judy singer said...

Has anyone ever been aware of a tear in this muscle or in the tendon connecting the two bellies of the muscle? I am a singer and sustained an injury near this area almost 2 years ago, trying to keep up with another singer half my age. Despite vocal therapy, it has not completely healed. Several years ago I had a similar experience with my shoulder (other side) and it turned out that I had a tear in the subscapularis tendon.