Monday, 13 October 2008

Whiplash Compensation Claim: Follow Up

I posted a little while ago about whiplash injuries and how to make a whiplash settlement claim through a personal injury solicitor such as Recover!, who are local to me in Nottingham.

I've since received this email:
In November 2007 I herniated a disc in my neck from a Whiplash neck injury. The MRI showed 2 additional bulging cervical discs and 3 bone spurs. 11 months on and my condition has only improved slightly. If you have existing conditions such as bone spurs is this likely to effect a compensation claim?
Now obviously, I'm coming at this more from a medical standpoint than a legal one but here's my opinion. I would suggest that it really depends on what caused the whiplash injury. If it involved another party or was a result of another party's negligence then yes, you can claim. Pre-existing conditions such as bone spurs which would not have increased the severity of the injury itself, should have no real impact on your claim.

My advice would be to give Recover! a call on 0800 093 0531 and talk to one of the advisors would would be able to identify whether this was a 'winnable' situation. Good luck!

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