Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Watch Your Own Heart Attack - the full TV commercial

Finally, here it is. After much promotion and teaser campaigning, the ad finally aired on Sunday... and very impressive it is too.

Overall, the thing that really hits you is the quality of the production and the thought that has gone into it. The content itself is a little bit light in medical terms but that just helps the measure come across as strongly as possible. I particularly liked the approach of tackling people who might be embarrassed about calling an ambulance - how very British!

A bit disappointed that it didn't mention the other symptoms of a heart attack particularly in women, but the accompanying website has much more info http://2minutes.org.uk/, check it out.

However, the most pressing (or should that be 'squeezing') question is really: what is more scary, a heart attack or Steven Berkoff?!

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