Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How to spot the symptoms of a heart attack

ITV (in the UK) is showing a special advert this coming Sunday (August 10th) at 9:17pm designed to dispell some of the myths about the symptoms of a heart attack. I'll definitely be watching on Sunday but thought I'd do a bit of pre-reading ;)

According to the British Heart Foundation, almost 250,000 people suffer heart attacks in the UK each year with a third dying before they reach hospital because their symptoms weren't caught quickly enough.

So what are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Not many people realise that they can be quite different between men and women:

Classic Symptoms
- tightness or pressure in chest
- shortness of breath
- sweating
- dizziness or loss of consciousness
- pain spreading to shoulders and arm, particularly on left side

Symptoms more likely in women
- indigestion or gas-like pain
- unexplained weakness or fatigue
- discomfort/pain between shoulders
- sense of impending doom

I wonder if the BHF advert will cover this gender difference? I imagine that this will be a very high quality film and be extremely informative, so no doubt it will echo this information quite closely. I know I'll be watching...

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