Wednesday, 27 August 2008

More slimming pills info!

Seems like I've opened a bit of a can of worms by starting to talk about diet pills as i've been bombarded by opinion, information and propaganda from all kinds of sources!!

The latest product to hit my inbox is extreme acai berry pills! Now, I've come across acai berries before as another in a long line of superfoods such as blueberries, pomegranate etc but now it appears that it is being harnessed as the next best thing in dieting...

As always, I remain skeptical but after some research on the net for extreme acai berry review I came across the really helpful (and honest) Sybervision which is surprisingly frank diet pills review site covering the range of diet pills and potions out there. To quote:

"Extreme Acai Berry is the new diet pill that offers absolutely no inoformation about their product. Seriously. None. Their website consists of one page. No contact info, no guarantee, and the fact that the only way you can order this Acai Berry supplement is to order their "14 Day Trial" raises many suspicions."

I like the approach that they're taking here - very refreshing! As always, I recommend that you stay skeptical and consult your GP before starting to use any products like this.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Slimming pills and weight loss: Phentermine

There's been a lot in the press recently about slimming pills and crash dieting with professional advice difficult to come by on the internet. From what I've seen, there are just as many sites offering bogus advice as those which offer proven medical facts and realistic advice.

Phentermine is a popular drug, particularly in the USA which acts as an appetitie suppressant. The name is short for phenyl-tertiary-butylamine and has proven to be effective for weight loss in obese pateients when combined with exercise and behavioural modification. But would it work for you?

I'd always recommend someone considering taking drugs like this to talk to their GP before making any serious decisions but a good starting point could be one of the many websites focussed on the Phentermine Diet. There are lots out there so be careful but ones like Consumer Price Watch are popular and probably one of the most relaible sources of info.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Claiming Compensation for Whiplash, Neck and Back Injuries

Although the causes of back and neck pain are many and varied, soft tissue injury following a car accident commonly affects the back and surrounding tissues. Whiplash is a common injury that affects the anterior longitudinal ligament and can result in a chronic pain state.

Probably the easiest way to investigate whether you can make an accident compensation claim is to contact one of the many many no win no fee solicitors specialising in this field. How successful you will be is dependant on a variety of factors but it seems the golden rule is if you can blame someone for the accident/condition/pain you are likely to have some success.

Local to me in Nottingham, UK is a group called Recover! which I have dealt with in the past over a whiplash claim and neck injury compensation. Their website has lots of information about what you can claim and how much you may be likely to receive, using a snazzy little compensation estimator.

Before seeking financial remuneration I would always recommend visiting a professional to assess the extent of the injury and what the prognosis may be as this will influence how much can be claimed if anything.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Watch Your Own Heart Attack - the full TV commercial

Finally, here it is. After much promotion and teaser campaigning, the ad finally aired on Sunday... and very impressive it is too.

Overall, the thing that really hits you is the quality of the production and the thought that has gone into it. The content itself is a little bit light in medical terms but that just helps the measure come across as strongly as possible. I particularly liked the approach of tackling people who might be embarrassed about calling an ambulance - how very British!

A bit disappointed that it didn't mention the other symptoms of a heart attack particularly in women, but the accompanying website has much more info, check it out.

However, the most pressing (or should that be 'squeezing') question is really: what is more scary, a heart attack or Steven Berkoff?!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How to spot the symptoms of a heart attack

ITV (in the UK) is showing a special advert this coming Sunday (August 10th) at 9:17pm designed to dispell some of the myths about the symptoms of a heart attack. I'll definitely be watching on Sunday but thought I'd do a bit of pre-reading ;)

According to the British Heart Foundation, almost 250,000 people suffer heart attacks in the UK each year with a third dying before they reach hospital because their symptoms weren't caught quickly enough.

So what are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Not many people realise that they can be quite different between men and women:

Classic Symptoms
- tightness or pressure in chest
- shortness of breath
- sweating
- dizziness or loss of consciousness
- pain spreading to shoulders and arm, particularly on left side

Symptoms more likely in women
- indigestion or gas-like pain
- unexplained weakness or fatigue
- discomfort/pain between shoulders
- sense of impending doom

I wonder if the BHF advert will cover this gender difference? I imagine that this will be a very high quality film and be extremely informative, so no doubt it will echo this information quite closely. I know I'll be watching...

10% off at Aspetto!

A little bit off topic but a friend of mine has just given me a discount code for his website which sells all kinds of male grooming, shaving and body care products:

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Monday, 4 August 2008

Website Update

Actually had five minutes to sit down and make some tweaks to the main Nottingham Massage website today, nothing significant but a few overdue changes:

1. added a couple of new testimonials:

"My back is so much better. Thanks for all you have done for me. I will recommend you to anybody who could benefit from your expertise." Andrea M

"I believe I could not have done this (100 mile charity bike ride) without the sports massage, most of my pains had gone by Saturday. I recommended you to our club." Martyn C

2. added link to my Piriformis Syndrome Advice Blog

So, nothing too exciting there but it's been needed for a while now. Hopefully some photos coming soon...

Working with Piriformis Syndrome

Many people come to see me with sciatica symptoms, pain deep into the buttock and tightness in the lower back. Very often this can be traced back to a tight piriformis muscle.

Over time I've developed a routine to release this muscle and the surrounding tissues in a wuick, pain-free and effective way. I work on:

1. Piriformis muscle itself
2. Quadratus Lumborum
3. Gluteus Medius
4. Iliopsoas / Psoas Major

I've detailed my personal routine in my other blog, so click the link to read more: Piriformis Syndrome Advice and Treatments Blog.