Monday, 28 July 2008

End of Year One exam results are in!

So, the results are in...

From what some other students have told me, the first year is arguably the hardest as you are learning a lot of new principles and need to adjust to learning again, albeit on a part time basis. I must admit that even though I was given an excellent foundation by Michael, Andrew et al at the Midlands School of Massage, it is the balance of work/life/study that has been the hardest. I'm hoping that this gets a little easier as I settle into the course.

That said, it has been fun and I have worked very hard, which thankfully has reflected in my results: 4 x A grade for each of the subjects; Anatomy, Physiology, Professional Practice and finally Diagnosis and Practice.

A hard first year but I am very pleased with those results!! Looks like I'll be busy come September time then...!

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