Friday, 20 June 2008

Tennis Elbow & Orthopaedic Support Products

I've come across tennis elbow a few times in clinic and found that deep tissue work to the common extensor origin along with a localised stretch of the extensors in the posterior compartment of the forearm to be particularly effective.

Accurately named lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow presents as:
  • pain around lateral epicondyle
  • pain when lifting objects or gripping
  • pain radiating down the forearm
Specialised tennis elbow supports can be a very effective way to manage the condition. Worn beneath the elbow around the proximal forearm, it takes pressure off the extensors allowing inflammation to decrease and the healing process to begin. I would also suggest regular massage treatments to help promote healing and drain the area of the waste products of inflammation.

I recently came across a website that sells a range of orthopaedic supports to help conditions such as tennis elbow or chronic lower back pain. The website, also carries a range of disabled scooters and portable wheelchairs but it is these supports and living aids that I'm most interested in.

I wonder if I should start offering some of their products on my site... hmm...

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