Thursday, 25 October 2007

The joys of being a student..

So, I'm 3 weekends into the Part Time BSc Osteopathy course at Oxford Brookes and it's all starting to make sense now. The formula of the weekends has settled down into a regular mixture of practical and theory lectures which are now beginning to tie together.

I will admit that the level is somewhat higher than I was expecting and some of the material is covered VERY quickly but I think that as the course progresses we'll all get better at the self-directed part of the course and be able to handle it all with no massive problems... hopefully anyway!

Right then, the real reason for this post. I have made it my personal mission to save as much money as possible using student discounts and offers in a (somewhat unlikely) bid to recouperate some of the £4000+ course fees that I have to endure every year! I may need to spend a few thousand to make any savings but hey, it all counts!

So far:

Kathmandu Kitchen, Reading: 15% off all meals = saving of £7 (meal for 2)
Broadway Cinema, Nottingham: Food + film = saving of £0.70

Total so far = £7.70

So, fairly modest savings so far but I've just ordered a Macbook! Let's see what impact that has...

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